If you are participating in the Holes for Heroes challenge with your homeclub, you must create a personal fundraising page and start collecting money for the Red Cross. But how does it work?


First of all, create your individual fundraising page on https://help.redcross.be/events/holes-for-heroes. Click on “Create a fundraising page” and follow the steps (give a name to your page, upload a small image, set your fundraising target, enter your contact details…).


Once your personal page is created, you can immediately share it with all your friends, colleagues, golf buddies, family…


Donators are free to give the amount they want but you can suggest them to sponsor you 1€ per hole your target to play. For example, if you target to play 54 holes, you can ask 54€ to your friends. But this is just an example: each donator can give what they want!


If your friends want to wait until you’ve completed the challenge, donators can also donate after the challenge: the fundraising is open until the 30th september.


Remind your friends that donation is fiscally deductible (60%) from €40.


At the end of the challenge, we will sum all the fundraising pages from your club’s team. The team who raises the most money will win for his club an exhibition match with Thomas Pieters, Thomas Detry, Nicolas Colsaerts and Manon De Roey.


Good luck!