Once your club has confirmed its participation and once the club has created its own fundraising page, you can immediately register and start fundraising. Here’s how to start:

  • Go to the Red Cross fundraising website and choose your Golf Club
  • On the page of your club, create your personal fundraising page (follow the steps on the website)
  • Once your profile is created, you will receive a link that redirects to your profile. You can start fundraising! Share your personal link with all your friends!

How much shall I collect?

Try to get as many friends as possible to sponsor you. Don’t forget to personalise your fundraising page and explain what is your goal, and how many holes you’ll try to play. Remind your friends that any donation is fiscally deductible (60%) from €40. All donations of any size are welcome. Good luck!

Who is going to support my challenge?

Spread the word everywhere you can! Family, friends, colleagues, other golf players in your club…

How to communicate?

Social Media:
  • Post messages about the challenge
  • Share your fundraising page
  • Be creative! Add pictures of you playing golf, tag golf friends on your pictures…
  • Try to customise all your messages with your personal experience
Example of an email that you can send to your friends, colleagues, family…
« Hello,

I have decided to participate in the Holes for Heroes Challenge. This challenge supports the hard work the Red Cross is doing everyday.

The goal of the challenge? I will try to play as many golf holes as possible in one day!

Support the Red Cross and my challenge by sponsoring my participation. Don’t forget that your donation is fiscally deductible.

Thanks for your support! »

Don’t forget to always add the link to your fundraising page. Good luck!